Autumn Update

It’s been another busy quarter at Tigersolv!  Our annual charity golf tournament, the DRF (in association with DEMSA) conference, new Debtsolv updates and frequent visits to the FCA – we’ve not stopped for breath these last few months, and we’ve got lots of useful news and insights for Debt Management companies far and wide.  Take a look…

Alder Hey ThankyouCharity Golf Day

We hosted our annual charity golf tournament. Congratulations to the team from Invocas for winning and a big thanks to everyone who attended and donated, raising vital funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Tigersolv driven by a strong community ethic and we like to support the causes close to our employees and clients hearts. If you’d like to help us raise more and network with other people in the industry along the way, make sure you get involved with our 2015 events and follow us on facebook or twitter.

The DRF 2014 Annual Conference

DRF Affiliate LogoWe were massively honoured to receive the DRF’s Investing in the Community Award at their annual dinner. It was a great evening ahead of the conference day and the award was really encouraging. Tigersolv sponsored this years conference were there in force. It was great to meet so many DRF and DEMSA members, some for the first time and others old friends. I think you’ll agree between the tiger plush screen cleaners and high quality pens, we had the coolest conference swag – if you didn’t manage to get to the stand don’t make the same mistake next year – come on over and say hi – despite the name, we don’t bite!  If you saw The Creditor Portal or talked with us about Debtsolv for DM or IVA and want to take that to a demo, contact or call 01204 697 000.

Debtsolv 12.6+

Since the major FCA version change in April we’ve had 2 major updates to Debtsolv bringing the version number to 12.6.3.  Most of our updates this year have been focused on assisting you with FCA compliance.  If you’ve not upgraded yet contact team today, and if you’re not a Tigersolv customer and your software provider hasn’t made any changes for new regulation – you should take a look at our platform.  Call 01204 697 000 to arrange a demo!  12.6.4 will likely be the last update of the Autumn and brings with it an improved custom questions module allowing you to now set your custom questions as mandatory, guided, or optional.

Our IVA system has had even more upgrades centred around a great new billing engine to improve performance and allow for several new predictive features.  It’s also been build with Trust Deeds in mind and paved the way for the soon-to-be released Debtsolv TD, our dedicated solution for our good (and still united!) friends north of the wall.

More FCA Meetings

We seem to be spending more time in Canary Wharf than the Tigersolv office these days.  The FCA have noted that Tigersolv is central to much of what goes on in the Debt Management and Insolvency markets.  In addition to our early participation in Project Innovate, we were invited to speak with the Debt Management and Consumer Credit Inspections and Gateway teams last week, drawing a crowd of 10 senior FCA representatives to hear our views on the industries current climate and the impact of company visits so far.  Way back at the start of the year Tigersolv had to decide if we were going to take a hands-off approach to the FCA changes, only engaging with them when requested by clients like most other software providers, or, if we were going to pro-actively champion our clients interests, partner them through the difficult year, and use our extended network and heavy weight sector experience to get our clients ahead of the rest.  We went with the latter and we’ve been pushing for insights and rolling out new features ever since.  Our understanding of the gateway process and regulator objectives underpins our recently updated bank reconciliation report and other key areas.

Applications are now officially open for Debt Management companies with interim permissions!  If you’ve got concerns about the gateway process and where you stand in the new regime, give us a call and we’ll see what we can help with.


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